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Therapeutic Massage | Castor Oil Massage | Dry Skin Brushing

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Swedish • Chronic Pain • Deep Tissue • Fibromyalgia . Sciatic • Limited Range of Motion • Sports Injuries • Pregnancy Massage • Labor & Delivery • Post Surgery • Myofascial Release • Headaches • TMJD • Special Needs • Hospice Care • Guided Meditations during Light Therapy • OKRAW™ Raw Juice & Products • Acupoint- The Penzel Method



30 mins $40
60 mins $70
90 mins $100
$10 Traveling Fee for In-Home or On-Location Events


Medical Massage Consulting $100/hr

Avalon LED Light Therapy Pricing:

$40 Single Session
$195 One Week of Daily 20 min Single Sessions – used for wound healing support, post-surgery and acute/chronic pain
$289 One Week of Daily 40 min Double Sessions- used for quickened wound healing and pain relief

Massage Table


Stress Relief
Reduces Anxiety and Depression
Pain Relief
Stiffness Alleviator
Increases Range of Motion
Lowers Blood Pressure
Increases Circulation
Speeds up Wound Healing
Natural Treatment for Infant Colic
Sports-related Injuries
Boosts Immunity
Chronic Dis-ease

Castor Oil Massage

“Castor Oil is a liquid extracted from caster seeds (Ricinus Communis), and it is an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant which has been used for centuries for its therapeutic and medicinal benefits. A full body Castor Oil massage is common in Indian Ayurvedic practices.”

The benefits are many:
Enhances detoxification
Removal of Inflammatory components like prostaglandins
Supports the liver by eliminating excess hormones
Boost the immune system
Relaxes the smooth muscle tissue to allow free flow of oxygen and blood
Also relaxes the smooth muscles of the stomach, intestines, gall bladder, liver and uterus

- Claire Ragozzino

Dry Skin Brushing

Dry Brushing Brush
Dry Skin Brushing is offered to clients after their massage treatment and/or after their Avalon LED Light Therapy. “Your skin is the largest organ of your body. Our skin is permeable or porous, and can absorb our environment just as easily as it excretes toxins from our body. The ability of the skin to excrete toxins is of paramount importance to you.”
Dry Brushing Diagram

Stimulation caused by Dry Skin Brushing sets in motion natural healing pathways within your body by:
Shedding dead skin cells
Relives clogged pores
Smooths skin
Tightens skin
Activates new skin cell growth
Increases circulation
Aids in Lymphatic Drainage
Rejuvenates the nervous system by stimulating the nerve endings in the skin

Dry Skin Brushing is done w a vegetable soft bristled brush using light sweeping strokes towards the heart.

- Claire Ragozzino

OK Strength Logo

Ok-Strength’s mission is to teach men and women how to quickly and safely reach optimal levels of strength by utilizing several effective modalities—kettlebells, barbells, indian clubs, sleds, nature and bodyweight—but one set of universal training principles. Luke Tirey, owner of Ok-Strength is a “Primal Strength Activists” based out of the greater OKC/Edmond area. His clientele ranges from sedentary adults – youth athletes – and professional athletes representing a number of professional organizations.

OK Strength
14416 N. Lincoln Blvd. Edmond, OK 73013


VIDYA | health | culture | food | clarity


I’m Claire Ragozzino.
Vidya is where I share plant-based food and juicing guidance for those seeking inspired health, nutrition and holistic wellness.

Vidya actually means clarity, knowledge and inner wisdom. And I believe, like wisdom, wellness starts from within. So Vidya is a resource for those seeking thoughtful health and nutrition. I love sharing my favorite healing herbs, my latest spice discoveries from somewhere across the world, and of course my superfood juice recipes. If you catch me on an especially creative day, I might even be making my handmade raw botanical truffles.

But the truth is, cleansing is where I thrive. It’s how I help others find their clarity. So I give you the steps, and coach you through my juice cleanse one-on-one, in-home and online. I guide you through this journey where health, culture and food intertwine. So you feel good, connect body and mind…and find your own “vidya.”

Custom Individual Cleanses
Guided Group Cleanse Programs
Plant-Based Cooking & Holistic Nutrition Workshops
Private Yoga Lessons

VIDYA Cleanse

Nourished Logo

Nourished is Food Coaching for healing shifts in eating // thinking // feeling. We coach and consult people with food allergies, sensitivities or habits — who are seeking a change in how they eat, think, and feel.

Lindsey Riddle, Holistic Health Counselor
• B.S. in Education
• plant-based culinary training
• Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Lindsey Riddle is a certified holistic health counselor who inspires people to take ownership of their health and wellness through nutrition and lifestyle choices.

After experiencing and working through her own health issues, she decided to focus her sights on a career in the field of holistic health.

With modern medicine failing to heal her, Lindsey was forced to navigate her health issues intuitively. She overcame symptoms of chronic fatigue, severe digestive issues, and inflammation — due to extreme gluten and soy intolerances — by means of nutrition
and lifestyle practices. As a result of these experiences, Lindsey has become an advocate of self-empowerment in issues surrounding health and wellness. She now mentors others on how to make intentional choices to create a life full of health!

Lindsey is the co-creator of Uniquely Nourished and thrives on educating and supporting others in finding their authentic place of wellbeing.

Lindsey Riddle

Jamie Conway, Plant-Based Chef
• B.S. in Biomedical Science
• plant-based culinary training
• Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Jamie Conway is a chef specializing in plant-based, whole food preparation and is working towards becoming a board certified holistic health counselor. Jamie inspires chefs, individuals, parents, and teachers to live healthy lives through great food and
encourages a happy, purpose-driven lifestyle.

Achieving a degree in biomedical science convinced Jamie of the power of nutrition and healthy lifestyle to prevent disease and illness. He traded in his dream of medical school to create a life of passion and purpose by improving the health and lives of those around
him. He now works with professionals in the health field and with school teachers to encourage the adoption of healthy eating choices throughout the community.

Together with Lindsey Riddle, he has created Uniquely Nourished, and they are defining the future of nutrition and health with nutritious, purposeful food and lifestyle choices.

Jamie Conway

Bryce feet on chest

Yoga & Thai Bodywork with Bryce Delbridge

I have been practicing yoga for 10 years & teaching for the past 7.  I currently teach approximately 20 classes a week (public & private) between Norman, OKC & Edmond.  I have also been practicing Thai Yoga Massage for the past 3 years.

I am available for private Yoga classes and Thai Bodywork sessions.

Bryce Delbridge